KBIS exhibition

KBIS 2022 LAS VEGAS KITCHEN & Bath Fair, was supposed to be a biggest expo of Kitchen and Bath accessories in USA. It was held once a year.  The expo exhibited the world’s latest and most creative kitchen and bathroom items, attracting many overseas exhibitors and professional visitors every year, and became the best place for international businesses to meet with major decision-makers and purchasers from the kitchen and bathroom field. To give the exhibitors a chance to meet their target and professional guest, discuss the new trends and business plan for the next season.

Many exhibitors complete their purchasing plans through KBIS, which saves a lot of purchasing time and cost, and can relatively easily grasp the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Therefore, participating in the exhibition will not only bring business opportunities in overseas markets to your company, but also build an information platform for technical exchanges for participating companies, allowing you to maximize the core competitiveness of the company's products.

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Market analysis The United States is a traditional bathroom consumer country. Take the faucet market as an example. Its market capacity is US$13 billion-US$14 billion, of which the US market accounts for 30% of the market, which is US$4 billion; bathtub products With a market share of 9 billion U.S. dollars, the market capacity is very large.

Under the hard situation, even the American faced the financial crisis, the American public has increasingly favored OEM and ODM products with a competitive price. Ensure the quality but also fit their target. This is for sure give a big opportunity for Chinese companies to enter the market.

The KBIS exhibition it is an excellent platform for the industry to promote brands, consolidate customer resources, and sell products. The U.S. market is rich and diverse, receptive and open. China and the U.S. are highly complementary in economics and trade.

KBIS Orlando International Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition area: 24,724 square meters, number of exhibitors: 500, Since it was first held in 1963, it was the 52nd year in 2015. Every year, it attracts the most famous companies in the industry to participate in the exhibition. And in the year 2022, we are looking forward the hot season. And we do believe this season will be hot.

Post time: Mar-03-2022