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That's a good question. Since I started doing foreign trade in 2022, I have been puzzled. Because I don't know what kind of exhibition I should attend.

First, you should know what is the sanitary are? Then how to do classification of sanitary ware?

Definition of sanitary ware, with the words means, it is refer to health, bath, bathroom commonly known as the main bathroom for bathing, is for the residents to defecate, bath, toilet and other daily health activities of the space and supplies.

Classification of sanitary ware, there are many kinds of sanitary ware, including the Bathroom Cabinet, shower, toilet, bathroom equipment, basin, flush Valve/spool, bathroom accessories, bathtub/shower/sauna, bathroom appliances, bathroom ceramic tile, glass sanitary ware/bathroom mirror, wooden sanitary ware/acrylic/plastic sanitary ware, cleaning supplies, kitchen and bathroom/kitchen pendant, knife/kitchen hook/condiment rack, ceramic raw materials/glazed tile/ceramic tile. Here we talked more about the sanitary ware items related to bathroom.

To do the regular classification, it is normally can be from the materials and the functions.

Classify from materials:

A. About Ceramic Sanitary ware: Because of its own characteristics can be made of almost any sanitary ware, with dense texture, soft color, water absorption rate is small, high strength, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance, can adapt to a variety of acid and alkali environment. But if made into bathtubs and other large products, it is too bulky not convenient storage and transportation installation, so this is gradually replaced by other materials. 

B. Regarding Enamel sanitary ware: It is a kind of inorganic glass material melted on the base metal and formed a strong bond with the metal composite material, beautiful appearance, elegant color, high finish, high mechanical strength, more resistant to scratches than ceramics, but the enamel is more brittle, mainly used to make bathtubs and other large sanitary ware, there are two kinds of cast iron, steel plate enamel. PROCESS: CAST IRON ENAMEL IS CAST with hot metal forming, cooling, then coated with Enamel glaze, and then sintering; Steel Plate Enamel is the steel plate tension molding, inside and outside coated with Enamel glaze firing.

C. Refer to Acrylic sanitary ware: Acrylic is a new material, also known as Plexiglass, formerly known as methacrylate resin. Its surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum, with light weight, strong plasticity, anti-fouling performance, good heat preservation performance and so on. It is mainly used for making bathtubs and other products with strict requirements on thermal insulation performance. The production process is simple and convenient. The use of acrylic board to heat the inside of the rear mould is to adopt vacuum suction forming. The backside is to use glass fiber and reinforced resin, made of reinforcing material.

D. About Glass products: Glass is quartz sand, Soda Ash, Feldspar, Limestone and in the modulation of various colors of the metal oxide of high-temperature melting cooling of the solid, with dense, uniform structure, strong plasticity, colorful, photosensitive, safe to use, high mechanical strength, suitable for making various shapes of pots and hanging ornaments.

From the functional point of view:

A. Washbasin: can be divided into hanging type, column type, table Type.

B. Toilet: can be divided into flushing and siphon-type two categories. According to the shape can be divided into conjoined and separated two kinds. The new type of toilet also has the function of heat preservation and body purification

C. BATHTUB: a variety of shapes and patterns. According to the way of bath, there are sitz bath, lying bath. A sitz bath with a washbasin. According to the function is divided into bath tub and massage bathtub. The material is divided into acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, cast iron bathtub and so on.

D. Shower Room: by the door plate and bottom basin composition. According to the material, there are PS board, FRP board and toughened glass board. Shower Room covers a small area, suitable for shower.

E. Wash Basin: For Women Only. Less domestic use at present, in matched with this item, bidets sets also be popular now of the foreign trade business.

F. URINAL: For men only. Now in the home decoration in the use of increasing frequency.

G. Hardware accessories: forms and patterns are different. In addition to the mentioned sanitary accessories also include a variety of faucets, glass brackets, towel rack (ring) soap Crock, toilet paper Crock, shower curtain, anti-fog mirror and so on.

Risingsun's product are related to the function class, hardware accessories, mainly to be bathroom accessories, including the floor drain, bidets, bathroom rack set, tissue holder, hanger set, towel rack, coat hook sets, soap dispenser and so on.

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